Stevan Shapona - Mistress, Oil on Canvas

Stevan Shapona - Mistress, Oil on Canvas



Oil on Canvas


12.5" L x 15" W x 2" D, in Frame

In Stevan Shapona's realist paintings of the figure, one finds qualities of light, color and composition that are not often seen in work by the artists of today. 

"I'm a traditionalist," says Shapona. "My aim is to take a concern for formal values on one hand and a concern for representing the human figure on the other. My hope is to harmoniously combine these two concerns." 

Shapona, a native of San Francisco, has strong formal training. He has studied with a number of well-known Bay Area artists and in New York and Washington. His degree is from San Jose State University. He has painted portraits, still lifes and a series of tonalist landscapes reminiscent of the Barbizon school. 

But it is figure work that has commanded his attention in recent years.

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