In Fiore - Veloutee

In Fiore - Veloutee


Our aromatic potage of plants and florals is your go-to cure-all for thirsty lips. Blended of nourishing extracts and oils like Carrot seed, Olive and resveratrol from Japanese bamboo - Veloutée does more than seal and protect. It penetrates deeply to counter environmental free radical damage and improves skin elasticity by reducing protein glycation, a main culprit of fine wrinkles. Gentle and versatile, it can be used to treat the lips, lip line, and the delicate area around the eyes.

Size: 5g

  • Carrot seed and Calendula contain high levels of carotenoids, which increase skin's resistance to environmental damage like UV-generated free radicals
  • Broccoli extract provides protection against UV damage by stimulating the cells own protectice mechanisms
  • Wheat germ derived ceramides restore normal barrier function and provide long-lasting hydration
  • Castor oil penetrates deeply and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin delyaing the appearance of wrinkles and fine line making the skin smoother, softer, and younger

Integrity matters to us every step of the way. In Fiore is committed to using ingredients of only the most extraordinary quality. Certified organic or wildcrafted essential oils, herbs, and floral waters are imported directly from producers all around the world. Our raw floral materials are selectively chosen from regions where knowledge of cultivation runs as deep as the history of their people: Jasmine from India, Rose from Bulgaria, Neroli from France, and on. Our organic food-grade oils are produced to the highest standards.

Raw Materials 
We use raw materials rich with nourishing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, vitality, and energy. For example, our Grape Seed oil is an ecologically sound, certified kosher ingredient that is made from the seeds of grapes after the wine is pressed. Our oil has also been verified by the Non-GMO Project's rigorous standard for GMO avoidance, receiving the prestigious designation, "Non-GMO Project Verified."

Our glass packaging is equally distinctive thanks to being extraordinarily compatible with oils and balms. Because of this flexibility, glass lends itself to plant actives, clinical grade essential oils, tinctures, and pharmaceuticals. Non-porous, infinitely recyclable, heat tolerant and made from abundant raw materials, glass offers the unique combinations of superior performance, versatility and beauty while preserving the potency of your active treatments. Finally, you should know that our glass droppers are made with rubber bulbs that are FDA compliant and latex free. With a top-notch luxurious feel, they offer the highest level of durability due to excellent chemical resistance so they won't react to plant actives and essential oils.

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